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What Original Fairy Liquid can do!

Fairy Liquid, made by Procter & Gamble is the UK’s leading washing-up brand. Studies have shown that over 14 million British households buy 150 million bottles of Fairy Liquid each year, making it the nation’s favourite washing-up brand. When I was growing up we always had a bottle of Original Fairy Liquid in our house. I always remember the advert on the tv and the ‘mild green Fairy Liquid’ slogan that claimed to last 50 percent longer than any other brand. I have fond childhood memories of using the empty bottles, filling them up with water and having water fights in our street. They made the best water squirters ever! We always kept the empty bottles to make space rockets and lots of other things.

The original white bottle with the red cap was launched in 1950 and was later replaced with PET bottles. Fairy liquid is available in most parts of Europe and comes in a variety of colours and scents.

I prefer the Original that is green and says original on the bottle. I Use it to clean most things in my house and have put together a list of all the things Original Fairy Liquid will beautifully clean!

  1. Bathroom- I cannot use harsh chemicals on my bathroom suite and was advised by the manufacturers to use warm soapy water. Fairy liquid is milder than most brands so I decided to give it a try over a year ago. Fairy has not let me down and works just perfectly removing all of the marks and making it look perfectly white. It has not damaged my suite and it still looks as good as new. I use a soft cloth and squeeze a small amount of fairy liquid onto the bath or shower and massage it in and then rinse it away.

  2. Decking Cleaner- I have my whole garden wood decked and over the years I have spent a fortune on special decking cleaners to remove the limescale that builds up over the year. Half of my garden is in the shade so in the winter months limescale builds up. Well, last year I had run out of decking cleaner and as my friends were coming over and my dog had messed in the garden I only had Fairy in the house to clean with. I decided to give it a try, and squirted it in lines over the decking brushing and massaging with a little amount of water and a sweeping brush. I then left it to soak in for most of the day and to my astonishment, by that evening all of the limescale had disappeared and it wasn't slippery. The expensive decking cleaner had always worked but this was as good and not even a quarter of the price. I have been using it ever since and it has not harmed my decking!

  3. Gold, Silver and Sterling silver jewellery cleaner- I have been cleaning my jewellery for years using Original Fairy liquid as it gets it sparkly clean. Just get a ceramic bowl or cup and pop your jewellery inside, cover with fairy liquid (no water added) and leave for about 12 hours. Remove and wash all the soap off in warm water. Make sure to be careful not to drop any of your jewellery down the plug hole when washing the liquid off.

  4. Stain remover-This tip was passed down from my mum and I have always managed to remove stains this way. To make it work you will need to soak the item in freezing cold water first then cover both sides of the stain with the liquid and allow it to soak in for at least an hour then simply pop it in the washing machine. When you cover the stain don't apply too much, just enough to cover the front and back of the stain, or your washing machine will foam up too much. If you are removing stains from your carpet simply use a soft brush using circle movements to brush it in and leave to soak in for about 6 hours and then rinse it off using warm water.

  5. Car or bike-Just as you would normally wash your car or bike add a little amount of the liquid to some water and wash.

  6. Shoes, trainers or boots-Add a small amount to some warm water and using a small soft brush or spare toothbrush, rub in and leave for 5 minutes, longer on deeper stains and rinse off.

  7. Oven-Using a jug and about a quarter of a bottle of fairy liquid add to some warm water so it forms a sticky paste. Using a pan brush that is a little bit firm, brush in circle movements and cover the whole of your oven and leave to soak in over night and then rinse it all off with warm water.

  8. Window- Using a car sponge add a tiny squirt of the liquid to some hot water, dip your sponge in the water and wash as normal. Dry with a clean micro fibre cloth.

  9. Removing oil from paths or driveways- Squirt it on neat, leave as long as you possibly can and brush off with a stiff brush and hot water.

  10. Washing up- Of course not forgetting what fairy liquid was originally made for, washing up all your dirty kitchenware!

Original Fairy liquid has always been a kitchen essential for me. My nan, who had such lovely soft hands with long strong nails believed this was down to washing up daily using Original Fairy liquid. I also have strong nails and soft hands, and when I have used cheaper brands in the past they have made my hands rough and nails weak. Because of this and all of the benefits listed above, I will continue to pass the recipe down to my children.

Do you use fairy liquid? Have you found any other things that Original Fairy liquid can be used for? Please feel free to comment below! Thanks for reading!

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