• By Amanda Blackburn.

Quick and easy Family Games to play for New Year 2017!

Most of the fun games that I have played at parties where not from a box. We simply used people and something simple that we found from around the house. Save some money on entertaining your guests at your next party. No need to buy board games, there are plenty of fun games that can be put together with no supplies, or with just a few things that you already have on hand. Below is a list with some of my favourites: All these games can be played with at least four people but you will need to make two teams. If there are four people make two teams with two people in each team and if there are six people make two teams with three people in and so on. Make sure the teams are fairly picked and if there is an extra person they could choose a team and swap with another player to have a turn or be the organiser if they would prefer. Balloon race

Have balloons that are blown up smaller for younger children and bigger for adults. Have a start and finish line with a clear open space, if your room is small make the race be in laps, an example from one chair to the other but three times. Chose a player from your team to go first, there should be two racers one from each team and everybody gets to have just one go. A balloon is placed between the knees and the contestant either waddles or hops to the finish line, whoever gets there first wins a point for their team, watch out though it's not as easy as it sounds if the balloon falls to the floor you have to go back to the start and begin again!

Balloon blow up

Each team member has to blow up their balloon to its full, whoever does this the quickest scores a point and then they need to let it go and if the other team player catches the balloon as it whizzes around at super speed before it hits the ground they score an extra two points.

Blindfold drawing game

One team member must leave the room and must not be able to see or hear. Using a blindfold a pencil and a piece of paper a player from the same team must draw a picture while wearing their blindfold. The picture they need to draw is chosen by a player on the other team and they have to make sure that the player that has left the room cannot hear and no clues are given. The person drawing has 60 seconds to draw their picture, this can be timed by the other team. When the time is up the player drawing must remove their blindfold and not say a word. The player who has left the room has to come in and try to guess what the picture is of. If they guess correctly then they score a point for their team. This game repeats so everybody has a turn. The rule is that the things that need to be drawn must be one word, example, cat, mat, chair, box, eagle etc.

Alphabet game

Choose a category like food, people's names or movies and starting with the letter a, everybody has to name something from the category that begins with a. Sit in some sort of order that puts the youngest first and keep playing by going through the alphabet until you cannot think of a word beginning with the chosen letter. If you cannot think of the letter you are out of the game. The player who is last in the game is the winner, the team that has their player left last in the game scores a team point.

Food face game

Using flat food like a biscuit, flat crisp (Pringle or Dorito) or a chocolate After Eight, place it on your forehead and having two turns each sees if you can carefully balance the food into your mouth without using your hands. Each time you get it into your mouth you score a point for your team.

Yes and no game

Each player has to answer ten questions asked by the other team members without saying yes, no or repeating the same answer to the last question. If you can manage to answer the questions without yes, no or repeat answer by the end of the ten questions your team score a point.

We will be playing these games with guests on New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year Everybody, Enjoy!