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Disney Star Darlings

Well, I can't believe it's already November this year has flown by yet again! Christmas is only a month away so I suppose it's time to start Christmas shopping. I have been lucky enough to review some beautiful dolls and I wanted to share my review. These dolls are simply adorable and are one of my Top 10 things to buy for girls in 2016. The Star Darlings are characters in a series of Disney fantasy books geared towards 8 to 12-year-olds. Star Darlings are a group of twelve magical teenage girls from another planet called Starland that attend an all girls school called Starling Academy. At the academy, Sage and her friends study how to grant wishes that humans make when they make a wish, like on a falling star or when they blow out candles on their birthday cake. Wish world is another name for planet earth and Starland is powered by wish energy. But the wish world is in jeopardy. Armed with special wish granting skills the girls are chosen to go to Earth and grant twelve very special wishes in order to save Starland from an unknown evil force before time runs out.

Disney publishing book franchise released the first two books on 15th September 2015, and also released an animated online series that premiered on 1st October 2015. Disney Channel released the first TV special Becoming Star Darlings and this was aired on 29th January 2016 and shortly after 25th March 2016, the second TV special Star Darlings Friendship was also released.

Each of the Star Darlings are named after a sign in the Zodiac:

  • Astra - Aries

  • Tessa - Taurus

  • Gemma - Gemini

  • Cassie - Cancer

  • Leona - Leo

  • Vega - Virgo

  • Libby - Libra

  • Scarlet - Scorpio

  • Sage - Sagittarius

  • Clover - Capricorn

  • Adora - Aquarius

  • Piper - Pisces

I was sent 3 Disney Star Darlings sparkle rock girls from the Starling Darlings band.

Libby Starling- The Positively Radiant Keytarist!

Each 11-inch, fully poseable doll is dressed in funky, vibrant, modern clothes that are sparkly and well made.

Look at the sparkly tights and pink wedges!

Each doll is dressed in such out-of-this-world fashions that display their unique style. Look at Libby Starling's outfit it is so pretty and makes her look as sweet as her personality.

Each doll comes with a musical instrument that is fully detachable,I love Libby's pink keytar!

All of the dolls have such big beautiful Royal Reflection sparkly eyes, shimmery skin, colourful hair and are oozing with cuteness. Look at how beautiful Libby's eyes are and how they sparkle.

Libby's hair has different shades of pink, is long, curly and has a little braid down one side.

Libby is positively radiant inside and out. Growing up in an astronomically wealthy family, Libby has always gotten what she wanted. But, thanks to a special little girl, Libby now finds joy in helping others around her. In fact, she glows with generosity and gratitude.

All the Star Darlings dolls come in large, sparkly window boxes with lots of decoration.

Here is the back of Libby Starlings box with a little description about her personality.

On the side of each Star Darling box is a beautiful wish.

All the dolls have the same wish on the side of their box.

Sage Starling- The Lead Guitarist!

Sage has long purple ringlets with magenta highlights and tinsel strands scattered throughout. Ready for adventure wearing a star-studded purple dress, matching striped leggings and light purple boots. On her head is a purple tiara and she also wears a purple necklace with a silver star on to complete her fantastic look. Sage has a detachable funky purple guitar.

Sage is the heroine of the very first book in the Star Darling series, she wants to be the best Wish-Granter in all history and just can't wait to get started at Starling Academy. Sage is a cheerful natural leader and loves a challenge, sometimes she can be impatient and can often lose her temper.

Here is the back of her box with a description of her personality!

Scarlet Darling-The Rebellious Drummer!

Scarlet Darling is oozing with style and attitude. Dressed in a black leather jacket, purple sparkly layered dress with a silver star on the front, silver belt, purple and black stripy tights and funky black combat boots. Her pink and purple hair is kept up in a ponytail and she comes with a detachable purple and pink drum kit.

Scarlet went from being homeschooled while on tour with her parents to being with girls her own age all day, every day. It hasn't been easy. To her classmates, Scarlet seems to be in a completely different orbit. And that's just fine with her. She's confident, strong, and independent. Scarlet's rebellious nature led her to the drums she needs to work on opening up to the other girls, but she's been a loner her whole life. She's just not a warm, fuzzy, touchy-feely kind of girl.

Here is the back of Scarlet Starlings box with a description of her personality.

There are two other Star Darling dolls to collect. Leona Starling who is the star singer with her glittery gold tunic, gold pants and gold wedge shoes. Her outfit is complete with a detachable star belt and curled yellow hair. Vega Starling who is the sparkling base guitarist that looks astronomically cool with her short blue bob, detachable silver belt, silver-detailed glitzy ensemble and blue and white high top trainers.

I have not been able to review these dolls but looking at the pictures on the back of the box these both look just as lovely as the others.

American company Jakks Pacific designs and markets The Star Darlings dolls. Jakks Pacific also produce other well-known toys and is a licensee of several hundred trademarks including Disney, Star wars and Nintendo. *I was sent these dolls free of charge for the purpose of the review. All thoughts and opinions remain my own*

Disney star darling can be purchased from Amazaon.


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