• By Amanda Blackburn.

Googly Eyes

A great game from University Games for all the family that challenges your vision and drawing skills!

What's In the Box?

  • 1 game board

  • 4 plastic playing pieces

  • 1 pair of wacky glasses (frame)

  • 3 pairs of lenses, green / easy lens, yellow / medium lens and blue /difficult lens

  • 1 dice (including number sticker sheet)

  • 1 timer

  • 1 drawing pad

  • 1 pencil

  • 54 cards (162 challenges)

The recommended age for this game is 7+ Number of players; 4-16 in teams

How to play!

Step 1. Choose your team (must be at least 2 players in each team, one must draw and one must guess). Step 2. Choose your coloured playing piece (one per team) and place it on the board at the start. Step 3. Youngest rolls the dice first and must move forward their playing piece the number from the dice. Step 4. What colour or picture have you landed on? Green- easy green lenses and draw something from the green category on the card. Yellow-medium green lenses and draw something from the yellow category on the card. Blue-difficult blue lenses and draw something from the blue category on the card. X- miss a turn. Picture of 3 pairs of glasses- you get to choose your lens and challenge. The picture with a pair of hands and arrows- you must play as normal and chose the coloured lens and category but you will have to draw with your other hand,(if normally right handed you will have to do it with your left and vice versa). Step 5. The colour you have landed on or choose indicates how long you have to set the timer for. Set the timer, put on your glasses and draw. If your teammate guesses before the timer have stopped then your team can move forward on the board the number you rolled on the dice. Step 6. The other team now have a turn and the game continues in this manner until the first team gets to the end of the board.

Make sure that each team player gets a chance to draw and guess! I work as a registered childminder and all the children love playing this game. It is recommended for ages 7 and up but the two 5-year-olds like to play too. We find that if they use the easy category to draw they can join in too but they like to swap the lenses as these are all easy enough to see out of. This game is definitely one of my favourites and is great to play with friends at parties. My daughter adapted this game for our recent Halloween party and made colour coded cards all with scary items and characters to draw. This game could be adapted to themed birthday parties, for example, write names of all the Superheros on cards etc.

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