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Halloween Party!

Halloween Party 2016

Decorate your house!

We purchased all of our Halloween decorations from Asda last year as they are reasonably priced, great quality and have lots of choices. Drape cobwebs around your staircase, picture frames and mirrors and add a few spiders and creepy crawlies. Hang up a witches hat and stand a broomstick somewhere either on a coat hook or next to a fireplace and use cauldrons filled up with sweets and candy to give out as prizes for games played.

Candles are great to add to the Halloween theme, orange candy corn scented Yankee candles are my favourite. Place red candles on black candlesticks and black on red candle stick holders. For a safer option, especially when children are around use battery candle lights, dim the lights in your house and play some spooky music to add some Halloween atmosphere.

Pumpkin carving!

Purchase a pumpkin carving kit and get carving! Draw your design on your pumpkin in pen first to get it looking the way you want and then carve. If you decide what you want and search online there is usually a pumpkin that someone has already done that you can copy from. Make sure to choose your design before you purchase your pumpkin so you can buy the correct size and shape.

Dress up!

Use face paints, I use the Snazzaroo face paints as they are my favourite, there are so many different images online to copy. Make your own costumes using old white shirts and either splash with red dye to give it a blood-stained look or soak in a bowl with tea bags for a couple of hours then leave to dry out naturally for the old look. Rip up old black shirts or t-shirts and leggings revealing some of your bare skin on your arms, legs and torso and stain your skin with red face paint to achieve a Zombie look.

My son always wants to be a superhero so he can fight off the monsters, whilst my daughter, being 13 wants to be as scary as possible!

Halloween Party Games!

Eating game!

Medium size apples or ring doughnuts

String or shoe laces


Take the cores out of some medium size apples and thread some string or shoelaces through the middle of the apple or the doughnut and tie in a knot. Get the person to kneel placing their hands on their backs (no hands allowed) hold the apple or doughnut just above so it hangs at their mouth level and using a stopwatch give each person two minutes to eat as much of their apple or doughnut before the time runs out. The winner is the person who has eaten the most of their apple or doughnut!

Mummy Game!

Lots of rolls of strong toilet roll


Purchase lots of rolls of toilet paper, the stronger rolls are better because they don't rip apart. Go in teams and have one person rolling and the other standing still. Using a stopwatch give each team 5 minutes to wrap the still person in as much toilet paper as possible. The winning team is the one who has wrapped the person in the most and looks like a mummy!

Witches Cauldron!

Witches cauldron or large bowl

Large packet of green or red jelly

Creepy crawly jelly sweets

Boiled water


Purchase some red or green jelly and some jelly creepy crawly sweets. Follow the instructions for the jelly and place into the cauldron or bowl and when the jelly has cooled just before it starts to set, place all the jelly creepy crawlies into the cauldron or bowl of jelly making sure to spread them out and place in the fridge to set. Each player must then place their hand into the jelly and pick out as many creepy crawlies they can and place into their bowl in just 15 seconds. The winner is the one with the most creepy crawlies!

Spaghetti Brains!


Packet of spaghetti

8 small balls all the same colour and size (we used ping pong balls)

Permanent marker pen


Cook a whole packet of spaghetti, leave it to cool and then place it into a large bowl. Use the marker pen and write different numbers on each of the 8 ping pong balls and hide them all in the bowl of spaghetti. Each player has to place their hands into the spaghetti and find as many balls as they can in 15 seconds (add 5 or 10 more seconds for the younger players) being careful not to pull any of the spaghetti out with the balls. When the 15 seconds are over the numbers on the balls that have been removed must be added together to give a score. Each player has a turn and the player with the highest score at the end wins the game!

Pin The Tail on the Witches Cat!

Large white paper

Black felts or pen

White card

Blindfold or scarf


Draw a picture of a black cat without a tail on a large piece of paper and stick it to the wall using the Blu-tac. Draw the cats tail on the white card and cut it out and stick some Blu-tack onto the back of the tail. Use the scarf or the blindfold and place over the players eyes so they can't see and place the tail into the players hands and spin them 3 times. Help direct the player forward towards the picture and get the player to place the tail onto the picture, when they have placed it remove their blindfold and put their initials on the paper where they had stuck the tail using the pen. The player that gets the tail close or where it should go wins!

Ghost game!

4 pieces of white card

4 different coloured felts or crayons


Spooky music

Bag that you can't see through

Draw a different coloured ghost on each piece of card and stick it to different areas of your room using the Blu-tack. Place the 4 coloured felts or crayons inside the bag. Play the music and get the players to dance around the room until you stop the music. When the music is stopped each player has to choose a coloured ghost and stand by it. Closing your eyes place your hand into the bag and pull out a coloured felt or crayon, call out the colour, the player or players that are stood by that coloured ghost are then out of the game and have to sit down. The music is then played again and this is repeated until there is only one person left, the one who is left wins the game!

Blindfold game!

Blindfold or scarf

lots of paper


Sit each player at a table and place a blindfold or scarf over their eyes so they can't see. Place the pencil in their hand and depending on the age of the player choose something scary for them to draw like a pumpkin, cat, broomstick, witches hat, ghost or bat and let them try and draw it with their blindfold on. The best picture wins!

Party food!

Here a just a few simple ideas for some Halloween themed party food

Don't forget to dress your table with a Halloween themed table cloth and use Halloween themed bowls, plates and goblets.

See my other blog on how to make Halloween biscuits

Monster Munch crisps

Finger shaped cut raw carrot sticks and dips of you choice

Make sandwiches and use some Halloween shaped cookie cutters to form into a scary shape

Jelly with scary jelly sweets set inside served with any eye-scream (ice-cream)

At the end of our party, we all like to sit down together and enjoy a good Halloween film!

These are a few of our favourite Halloween films to watch with the children.

Beetlejuice (1988)

The Addams Family (1991)

Addams Family Values (1993)

Hocus Pocus (1993)

Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Casper (1995)

Halloweentown (1998)

Casper Meets Wendy (1998)

Corpse Bride (2005)

Monster House (2006)

Coraline (2009)

Thank you for reading, I hope these few party ideas will help you to have a very happy Halloween and if you have other ideas for Halloween games, party food and films that you would like to share please place them In the comment box below.


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