• By Amanda Blackburn.

Why Kids Love YouTube so much!

Well for the past two years TV has become something of the past in our house. My own children and the children that I

childmind hardly ever switch it on. This is because all they seem to want to watch is YouTube, they love it!

So why do they love it so much?

I asked them why, and here is what they said:

I like watching other children play with their toys, dressing up, going on days out, doing challenges, making things,playing games, reading stories, cooking, sharing their birthdays and Christmases, everyday life experiences like visiting the hairdressers or dentists, All the things that we do in our everyday lives.

And I can understand why they like it so much, It is real! Children love watching other children playing and sharing their personal lives. It also gives them a chance to see what toys are really like before they decide whether they would like them on their Christmas or birthday lists. Children are often misled by advertisement showing a toy on a tv advert can be misleading and they are often very disappointed when they finally get the desired toy and it doesn't quite live up to their expectations. Youtube shows what things are really like and it doesn't necessarily put the child off the toy it just prepares them for what it is actually like and then they are not disappointed as they knew what to expect.

I myself use Youtube for searching for something I would like to purchase, it is so helpful to get good honest reviews. I also like to watch videos on people's days out so I know what to expect when I am visiting and if I need to learn how to do something there is always a how to do video somewhere on youtube.

Here is a list of YouTubers that are my Children's favourites.

Family Fun Pack-Is a child-friendly YouTube channel that makes daily videos for children. The videos include vlogs, challenges, holidays, days out, toys, games, food, clothes and anything else fun. There are 5 children in their channel Alyssa, David, twins Zac and Chris and Micheal and also their parents Matt and Kristine.

Funnel Vision-Family YouTube channel of vlogs and is the original channel for Skylander Boy and Girl which started in 2006. The whole family make vlog videos going to Seaworld, Legoland and other places.They also do challenges, play video games and lots of other stuff and my kids really enjoy watching They go by names of

Sylander Mom, Skylander Dad, Mike, Lex and Chase.

Chase's Corner- Chase from funnel Vision wanted to make his own channel on unboxing toys, opening blind bags, playing computer games, and lots of other things.

Dan TDM-Dan Middleton created the Diamond Minecraft, a children-focused gaming channel playing Minecraft and other mini games. If your children are like mine and really enjoy Minecraft they will love this channel.

The children also love watching families doing daily vlogs of their lives, their favourites are Daily Bumps, Shaytards, SacconeJolys and Roman Atwood.

Blind bags-these are little bags of toys that you can collect, my kids love opening these to see what toy is inside and enjoy watching YouTube videos of people opening these. There are so many blind bags available to purchase in almost any store, these vary depending on what is popular at the time.

These Lego characters are great as you get to build them and there are loads to collect, these are great for party bags or putting in Christmas stockings.

The Grossery Gang from the world of The Trash Pack, different gross smelling characters to collect. Don't ask me why, but the kids love daring to smell these and think they are funny.

Twozies are very popular at the moment , there are two little characters to collect in each pack that contains a baby and a pet.

There are so many others available and including the above the most popular at the moment are My Little Pony, Shopkins. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tsum Tsum, Littlest Pet Shop, Monster High, Toy Story, Imaginext Dc Super Friends, Avengers 2 Age of Ultron and Disney Villans Mystery Minis. Of course, it depends on what your child likes but these are the most popular at the moment. Although they can be quite pricey for what they are all the kids seem to love the mystery of what could be inside and that is what makes them so popular!