• By Amanda Blackburn.

Superhero Boys Room Ideas

This year we have been busy and have transformed my five-year-old son's small bedroom into a cool superhero room with space to play and sleep. We purchased the Stuva loft bed combo from IKEA, it is quite high for a five-year-old but we were able to go into the Ikea store where they were very helpful and let him test it out to see if he could manage the stairs safely before we purchased it. We used his old single bed mattress which was a standard size and this fitted perfectly. This all came flat packed so my husband and I worked together to assemble it. It was easy enough to assemble but definitely takes two people and took around 2 hours. We painted his ceiling and walls white as it is a small room and it would brighten it up and make it feel bigger and chose black and green drawer and cupboard fronts to give the room some colour. There are other colours available for the drawer and cupboard fronts that are also available from Ikea, these are blue, red, white, pink beech and yellow.

The white junior chair and memo board were also purchased from Ikea, we stuck the memo board on to the loft bedside with sticky velcro picture hangings which can be purchased from most stores I purchased mine from Asda living these are really strong and don't need drilling or screws, I have been using them for everything lately and really rate them as they don't mess up your nicely painted walls.

I purchased some drawer organisers, from Ikea for the inside of the top two drawers, these are amazing and my son loves them as he has different sections for all his pens and stationary in the top drawer and organisation for his socks, pants, etc in the second drawer. He is a short five-year-old and now everything is easy to access for him he can get things off the shelves, out of his wardrobe and he can put everything away himself, no excuses!

This is another Ikea purchase and as you can see is great for nerf gun storage.

The light was from Ikea and comes in different colours and I have used Ikea's clear desk cover to protect his desk from all his colouring, sticking, painting etc.

The blue Avengers toy storage box that I purchased from B&M is great to put all his superhero figures in. I printed off free printable superhero colouring in pictures offline that my son coloured in and I cut out and blue tacked to the back of his wardrobe. As you can see there are some shelves to store things on behind the stairs, this is great for extra storage for toys, books or whatever you choose.

I covered his light switch with an Avengers sticky cover that I purchased from Amazon.

My husband boxed off the old stairs box, plastered and painted it to and made a tidy shelf for all of his teddys.