• By Amanda Blackburn.

Teacher Gift!

My daughter has been very lucky and had the most amazing teacher to help her over the last school year. We wanted to get her a gift to thank you but wanted something a bit more personal. As this teacher is craft mad my daughter wanted to show off her skills that she has learnt from this teacher and make her something. My daughter thought of this idea and I am very proud of her and wanted to share her craft idea with you and give instructions on how to do it.

First, we ordered some iron-on alphabet letters in red and black, a large plain cotton bag and a embroidered picture of crayons that can be sewn onto garments. I ordered some from Amazon and some from eBay, they were cheaper here than anywhere else and had quick delivery. It all cost about £8, and you can buy personalised bags made for about this price but my daughter wanted to make it herself.

My daughter set to work and cut out the letters she needed and I helped her iron ( I preheated the iron on the dry iron to a cotton setting) on the letters. You have to place them flat down onto the bag in your desired position paper side up, we used baking paper to place over when we ironed to stop the iron sticking to paper, it does ask for a press cloth to do this but this was all I had and worked fine.

When they had cooled we removed the paper from the transfers and were left with the desired wording we wanted. As the alphabet had no apostrophes we made one out of one of the spare letters.

Next was the sewing, my daughter then hand stitched the crayons badge onto the bag using a needle and black cotton to match the black outline of the crayons badge. She also had some material bows that she had in her craft box to add more detail to the bag she used white thread and a needle and stitched these on.

Here is the finished product!

We are going to fill the bag up with some crafts and treats too!