• By Amanda Blackburn.


For the last three years, we have been enjoying the warmer months relaxing altogether as a family in our Lay-Z-Spa.

It has been one of the best things we have purchased!

I wanted a do a little review on a top product that has been so beneficial and rewarding for us as a family.

When you've had a tough day,(as we all seem to have nowadays!), how better to help you relax and sleep at the end of the day then to sit inside a spa that is lovely and warm (40 degrees), looking up at the stars and bubbling away all your worries.

There are so many health benefits from using a Lay-Z-Spa, some of these include:

The heat can help your blood vessels to open up and reduce blood pressure.

Gentle massaging jets increase blood flow to injured areas,bringing much-needed nutrients to help repair the damage.

Stimulation from the 40-degree water releases endorphins which helps you sleep better.

Feeling weightlessness in the spa helps you relax, get rid of some stress and can even eliminate headaches takes pressure off your joints helping them to be ready for your next crazy day!

We purchased ours from Tesco because we wanted to use some vouchers but they are available in so many places to either buy or hire so check on-line.

We were going to hire one first to try it but decided to go for it and buy it. Hiring is quite expensive I'm so glad we purchased ours, we have certainly got our monies worth!

It costs us £15 a month to run and that includes everything, electricity, filters and chemicals. We have had two little punctures in three years and we have three children which are mental so I think that's pretty good. We bought a repair kit from EBay which cost £10 and we still have it for more repairs if needed.

Here are some top tips for how to use your Lay-Z-Spa if you get one:

Shower before you use it!

Don't go in with fake tan or makeup!

Keep certain costumes, trunks only for use in the spa and wash them through with just water!

Give your hair a wash with only water before you get in! (shampoo, conditioners,soap and softeners can mess with the chemicals used to treat the spa and make it very foamy).

Never leave children unattended!

Rinse the filter daily and swap by using another one allowing the washed one to dry out for a day!

Purchase new filters when they are looking worn, we swap for new ones every two weeks and buy in bulk at the start of March as they sell out fast!

Leave it running at 37 degrees the thermostat will keep it controlled, it is also cheaper to run this way. Increase it to 40 degrees a few hours before use to have it warmer in the evenings or colder days.

Our Lay-Z-Spa came with excellent instructions, even a DVD, is very easy to put up and take down if needed. We never use it during the winter months as we don't like getting out in the cold.

So if your life is crazy and you want to relax at the end of your day try a Lay-Z-Spa!

Check out our youtube video from last year with a video image of our Lay-Z-Spa Miami!

Youtube Video Lay Z Spa


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