• By Amanda Blackburn.

Jump In

JUMP IN! .......or not!

We decided that we wanted to visit Jump In. Jump In is a new play area with lots of big trampolines and other activities situated in Warwickshire England.

We had e-mailed this Monday requesting some information, we were the first of local friends and family, local Bloggers to be visiting. I wanted permission to video my children and do a Blog on the new venue.

In our e-mail, we had said we were coming this Friday and after checking our e-mails daily had no reply. However, our children were desperate to try it out and we decided to use our day off and take them as a treat.

I wish we hadn't bothered, we arrived at 10.15am, fifteen minutes after opening time. I thought it would be good to go early as it would be busier in half term week. To our children's BIG disappointment it was fully booked until 4.30pm that day. We had checked their website that morning and it hadn't mentioned anything about pre-booking before you go. We had travelled quite a distance in the car and wasn't very happy. We did have a good look around when we were there and was appalled at the amount of people they had squashed onto the trampolines. My little 5-year-old has been watching YouTube videos taken in America of these trampoline bounce areas and believe me they had not looked like this.

If I had paid the £12 each for an hour for my children I wouldn't have expected them to be jumping with so many people. There was no way they could jump from trampoline to trampoline without bumping into someone else.

Warning to all those visiting!

Wait a few months until it is not such a new attraction!

Make sure to book before you go!

Go out of school holidays!


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