• By Amanda Blackburn.

Planning your trip to Disney World Florida & Universal studios!

Here are a few tips to help you plan your trip to Florida Disney World & Universal! I will be posting more tips soon!

Find out the best time of year to go. Undercover tourist is an excellent site that we have used, giving up to date information on the yearly shows, weather, crowd planners, and heaps more. We have visited for the last four years and late September has been our favourite time to visit with the crowds low and the weather good. It also has the Halloween decorations, which are amazing and if you are brave enough the Halloween horror nights or the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween at Disney World.

Plan which rides you want to go on before you go. Check out height restrictions, safety warnings, which rides are open and not being refurbished. Pick your favourites by reading other people's reviews or watching youtube videos then you can establish the rides that are worth the wait and which rides can be left until the end of the day if you get time. I had been wanting to go Florida for all of my childhood and was so excited when I got there. My plans helped me focus on where to go first and in what order, without the planning I wouldn't know where to begin. My family had thought I had gone crazy with all my little pieces of paper with the daily plans on, but they were so grateful for it when we got there and it worked so well.

When you arrive at each park pick up some maps for everybody, these tell you where all the rides, restaurants, toilets(restrooms) etc are and gives you daily information. The daily information tells you character meet and greet times, show times, firework times and opening and closing times. Make sure to familiarise yourself with the fast pass system before you go, read the parks information on their website explaining how it works. If you are unsure of anything e-mail the parks before you go and they can tell you where to go when you arrive and this will cut back waiting in cues at guest services.

If you are taking pushchairs (strollers) tie a flag or something bright and noticeable to the top. When you go on rides you have to leave your pushchair (stroller) in a special area and they are moved around by the staff. When there are hundreds of pushchairs (strollers) and like mine are usually all red Maclaren's it makes it easier for you to find.

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