Clever Tykes Storybooks

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

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I have had the opportunity to review 3 wonderful storybooks for children ages 6-9.

Change-it Cho

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Walk-it Willow

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Code-it Cody

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I have been reading these books to my 6-year-old son at bedtime and he has been really enjoying them and so have I.

Each story is different with a different character in each book, but in each of the stories, the characters realise that there is something they are very good at or passionate about, and they set about making this into their own endeavour.

These books have been very cleverly researched and target literacy and numeracy skills for 6-9-year-olds. All 3 books include important characteristics such as innovation, independence, goal-setting; hard work and resourcefulness. 

Each inspiring character has been created to encourage a positive role model to children.

Children need to believe in themselves, need positivity, social support and a little bit of stress to enable them to see stress as a challenge rather than a threat. The books are very subtle at touching on all these life lessons. 

I love how all of the books gently introduce the idea of self-employment and thinking outside of the box. As a parent and child carer, I think it is important to demonstrate to young people that a challenging and rewarding career can be as an entrepreneur in a private venture, social enterprise or charity.

After reading The Clever Tykes stories to my son I feel that the stories can help encourage and inspire him to be creative, brave and innovative. His favourite book was Code-it Cody and I can honestly say that he has been losing interest in bedtime stories for the last year and would rather cuddle and chat. This wasn't the case when I read these books and he didn't want me to stop until the story had finished, this took me a good half an hour and I was surprised how well he listened. 

The books were too hard for him to read all by himself as they are for an 8-year old’s reading level, but he understood all of the concepts. 

If you want to inspire and empower your children to be the most creative and proactive young people they can be, then these books are perfect and I would definitely recommend them.

Clever Tykes books are being used in thousands of schools across the country and after reading them I can understand why. 

Thumbs up to Clever Tykes!